The odds were against this band right from the start, but in seemingly no time at all The Years became one of Newcastle's biggest drawing acts.


The days of a six-piece rock band like The Years, with a big PA, lights, backdrop, were long gone – the current times allowed only for under-appreciated soloists and duos to perform in a corner or under a bank of TV screens.


But with a strong repertoire of the most popular hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s, The Years showed that punters were finally getting what they wanted and the gigs started to flow.


If you like the music of the Choir Boys, Divinyls, Dragon, Daddy Cool, Baby Animals, Australian Crawl, The Angels, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle, The Bangles, you'll love The Years!





Crystel began singing professionally at 16 and was soon on stage with her father, ex-Jukebox guitarist Ross, performing regularly around The Hunter.

Blessed with a sensational voice, Crystel was looking to

re-start her career after a long lay-off.

At the same time The Years were searching for a female vocalist and, as they say, it was love at first sight.

Tony began playing the clubs in the early 70s and except for a brief time when business ruled the roost, he hasn’t stopped and hasn’t stopped loving it.

Founder-member of iconic Newcastle 80s rock band Baron, Tony shares almost equal vocal duty with Crystel.


(Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)



Lelio hasn’t been far from a drum kit since he was 12.

Another Baron founder-member and also one of the most aggressive drummers you’re likely to find.

Keyboard player Ben Pettett is a multi-instrumentalist and has played the piano since the age of six.
Classically trained, he took up guitar at age 10 and now also plays bass guitar and brass instruments.
And he’s no slouch on drums and percussion!
We're all secretly envious of his talent.

Ben Pettett

(Keyboards, Vocals)



Another Baron boy, he began in high school and hasn’t stopped making low frequency noise, some of it musical, since. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else, really.

Started in high school, played in a hundred groups, even wore a Superman, cape and all, in one of them.

Can play....

Di Mecola

(Lead Guitar/Vocals)